My Issue With VR Games Being Version Exclusive

Virtual reality is a young and developing area within gaming and experiences. It is not cheap to get a high quality VR device and the last thing I want to hear after spending a fortune on the device is that there are highly rated games that I cannot play in VR because I do not have the requisite device. If a game is designed in a way where it can be played using all VR gaming devices there is no explanation good enough for me as to why it is made exclusive.

Right now VR is in very early stages and whatever device people buy, they are putting a lot of money into supporting the industry in the hopes that it grows to a point where it becomes cheap enough to produce quantities for it to become readily available for the general public. At the time of writing this, there are 3 main variations of the VR gaming devices and these are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR. Two of these are for PC and the other is obviously for Playstation. The PC VR community tries to find ways to keep games available for both devices where possible. This is a much more difficult thing to manage with games that are on Playstation VR that are not made available for Oculus or Vive.

This would not bother me if there was a reason that a game is not available on all devices for reasons such as having to be able to have room scale. If a VR game can be played sitting down or standing in a very small area with a pad or using 2 hand controllers, I believe that it should not be made exclusive or restricted to a single device. To have exclusivity on your VR title when it is not necessary does not help VR grow as a platform and will be more likely to make potential buyers of any device possibly become disenfranchised as no device has the ability to play all of the games that they are looking forward to play and they do not have the funds to allow them to purchase all the variants.

I love VR and wish it to become the next big thing. It is great seeing it in the current phase it is in and the potential for the industry is only just starting to be realised. For this to not become just another passing phase, we need to keep the support going and grow the community as much as we can. Alongside this, we need to keep the games released as available as possible so that anyone with a VR gaming device, whatever their budget or platform, can enjoy the wonderful games and experiences that are out there.


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